What do the Democrats Stand For?

Trump’s 4-D chess was evident in it’s purest form during his first State of the Union Address. His speech was centered around America’s core values that despite the drastic change in the nation over the course of the last few decades, are still prevalent among Americans. It was a speech of unity, not division that he is so frequently accused of. Trump’s speech was everything that any American should stand for, with the exception of a few issues contested along party lines such as immigration. However, points of unification were ignored by the Democrats who in protest to Trump, sat for everything. Ironic, the same Democrats who claim Trump is dividing this nation refuse to express even the slightest form of unity. The Democrats refusal to stand begs the question, what do the Democrats actually stand for?

Rising wages? No. Lowest black unemployment rate EVER? Nope, not even the black caucus would stand for that. More take-home pay? Still sitting. Faith and family instead of government? Of course not. Putting our own citizens first? Replace first with last and they may have sprung to their feet. How about jobs? Still glued to the seats. Our national anthem, flag, and veterans? None of the above. Republican and American values weren’t reason enough for the Democrats to show any agreement, but what about their own supposed values? Infrastructure spending? Not a chance. Paid family leave? Think again. Amnesty for 1.8 MILLION illegal immigrants? Not enough, still welded to the seats. It wasn’t just standing they struggled with, clapping was a rare occasion on one side of the aisle as well. Some Democrats such as Maxine Waters didn’t even show up to the State of the Union. When it was over, Democrats scrambled for the exits like somebody had yelled “bomb”. In protest of Trump, there were no signs of unity on anything from the Dems. It may seem like the party stands for nothing at all except resisting Trump, but I can assure you that they will stand for something.

On February 7th, Nancy Pelosi spoke for a record 8 consecutive hours on the House floor in defense of the ‘Dreamers’. She couldn’t bring herself to stand 3 seconds for our veterans but she will stand and speak for illegal immigrants a whole 8 hours? Imagine what this country would be like if the Democrats fought for Americans as hard as they do for lawbreakers. This SOTU has proven to America that the Democrats are almost purely an anti-Trump party. In fact, there was more than just one lame Democratic response to Trump’s SOTU than just drooling Kennedys. Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders and even a batch of celebrities all made a response. They have no individual ideas, just resisting Trump and his agenda no matter what that agenda is. With a 75% approval rating for Trump’s SOTU, the Democrats stunt has done them no favors. Should they continue this trend of resisting Trump at the cost of resisting American values they will find themselves at a greater electoral loss in the 2020 election.



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