Ben Shapiro: “Tomi Lahren is Not A Thought Leader For Conservatives”

After President Trump’s State of the Union address, an unknown politician with the last name “Kennedy” gave his own speech as a rebuttal. Joe Kennedy III is a U.S representative who happens to be President John F Kennedy’s great-nephew. After a typical democratic politician speech about love, the Dreamers, and Russian collusion (the usual hypocrisies that come out of politicians mouths every day) Tomi Lahren decided to give HER response to the Kennedy speech.

Before you watch what she said, ever since she went on The View last year implying that it’s hypocritical to be conservative and not be pro-choice, I lost all respect for her. She claims that you MUST be pro-choice if you claim to be for limited government. Not just that, but the consistent rants she goes on on her social media and as a political contributor on Fox News. She’s just a very emotional human being with little to no substance whatsoever.

In an Instagram video, Tomi refers to Kennedy as “that limp d**k”. Ben Shapiro responds.



I agree 100% with Shapiro here. She should not be a representative of the republican party or any conservative for that matter. He said it best “She’s a pretty woman…a beautiful woman who says things…that’s it”.

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2 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro: “Tomi Lahren is Not A Thought Leader For Conservatives”

  • February 8, 2018 at 4:27 am

    Merit – beyond a shadow of a doubt. Competition, in this case for advancement ,breeds success. Quota doesn’t bring you anything but variety of choice – but if choices from that varied field are ALL mediocre – what’s the point? All you need to do to sum this up nicely is put it like this. What ultimately is more important? Variety of race? Or variety of thought? If you come to any other conclusion then the later you’re are either lying or delusional. Now THAT’S WADESENSE.

  • February 9, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    When I first stumbled upon Tomi Lahren I would say I was a fan. She is gorgeous and she is from my home state, South Dakota. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that she didn’t seem to have any ideas of her own. She has made her career from her beauty and the ability to passionately repeat standard Conservative talking points. While at first glance you may think she has independent ideas given her pro-abortion stance, a closer look reveals that she is purely a panderer. I have held to the belief that she said what she said on the View was likely in some attempt to find common ground and gain some audience and panel support as she was in an atmosphere heavily opposed to the ideas she claimed to support.

    I won’t deny that she is educated to a fair extent and is smart, I would only argue that her fame amongst Conservatives has less to do with her intellectual prowess and more to do with appearance and presentation. I see rebuttal videos from leftists often on Tomi Lahren and from my observations that is heavily due to the fact that she isn’t as intellectually formidable as others such as Ben Shapiro.


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