President Donald Trump’s Accomplishments in His First Year

One year ago today, Donald Trump was sworn in as commander-in-chief. He was many "firsts" in history. The first president to be elected without serving in the military or holding any kind of public office. The first to admit that social media (Twitter) helped him win the election, in that it gave him a platform to voice his opinions to millions of people.

But there are many "firsts" and HUGE accomplishments by him as president that our regressive fake news mainstream media refuses to address. They're so wrapped up by the hoax of Russian collusion and how many scoops of ice cream he eats that they REFUSE to give the American people the truth. What President Trump has done in 2017 was historical and I've listed them all here.



The Dow Jones has increased by 6000+ points to 26K since Donald Trump was elected. That's the most incredible growth to the stock market that America has ever seen. In just 8 days, Dow Jones went up to 26K from 25K. Compare this to Obama's first year as president. He took office right after the market crashed.

In February 2009, the Dow Jones was around 7000. In 1 year, it had increased to around 10,000. Only a 3K increase? Keep in mind, it hadn't been that low since March 1997. Donald Trump took a stock market that was already at its highest point and it went up by twice as many points as Obama's stock market.



Trump fulfilled a huge campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Why is this so significant? The Palestinians and the Jewish people have been fighting over Jerusalem for…..ever. God has promised that land to the Jews in the bible.

Our 3 former presidents: Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama have ALL promised when they ran for president that they would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Reality? None of them kept their promise. It took Donald Trump, who many liberal progressives believe he is the Hitler reincarnate, to finally acknowledge Israel's sovereignty over its capital.



With the tax reform that passed right before Christmas, dozens of companies announced they would be rewarding their employees with huge bonuses. Companies like AT&T, Bank of America, BB&T, Comcast, and many more have given their employees $1000 bonuses. Wal-mart has said because of the tax cuts, the starting pay for new workers would be raised to $11hr.

The unemployment rate right now is at a 17 yr low at 4.1% because of the 2 million+ jobs created just in the year of 2017. The latino unmployment rate is at a record low of 4.7% and the black unemployment rate is also at a record low of 6.8%. But you won't hear much about this on the mainstream media.



Majority of ISIS have been driven out of Iraq and Syria and many of them have been killed.

President Trump appointed a conservative, Neil Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court as he had promised.

By April, illegal immigration was down by 60%+.



Repealing  Obamacare was tried last year but could not pass in the senate by 49-51 votes.

Building the wall. When Trump gave his presidential announcement speech, he said that a wall needs to be built on our southern border and have Mexico pay for that wall. Currently, there are several prototypes in San Diego, CA that are being tested to see which will be used. Congress is trying to get funding to have it built.

Has Trump broken his promise by failing to get Mexico to pay for it? Currently, many factories from Mexico are moving to the United States and creating more jobs for Americans. Trump also plans on putting tarriffs on imports to help boost our wealth and he has said this is what will make Mexico pay for the wall.



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