Activist Mommy Calls Out The #MeToo Movement (Video)

"The Activist Mommy" who has gained a big following with 400K+ followers on facebook has released a new video exposing the hypocrisies of the #MeToo movement. This movement blew up after the Harvey Weinstein allegations that got him arrested. Ever since then many women, and even men, have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assualt. But majority of those people, however, are multi-millionaire celebrities who do nothing more than claim to be victims when they were never one to begin with.

Time Magazine even named the #MeToo Movement as the person of the year for 2017.




Activist Mommy Facebook Page

The Activist Mommy also got a lot of attention back in July when she condemned Teen Vogue magazine for publishing an article that was teaching children ages 11-17(their main audience) how to safely have anal intercourse. You can watch that video here.




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