Conservatism is Being Assaulted Through Misunderstanding

Peter Deely (Instagram: @peterdeely)

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     “A GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was firebombed over the weekend, with a swastika and the words "Nazi Republicans leave town or else" spray painted on an adjacent building, according to local officials.”

This incident back in October of 2016 has yet to leave my mind and continues to anger and bewilder me due to the terminology used by the terrorists. “Nazi Republicans” Really, Nazis? How disconnected from Republican or Conservative beliefs must you be to draw the conclusion that liberty loving conservatives are the same as the book-burning fascists? This is the main problem conservatives face today; this deadly misinterpretation of our belief system. The ignorance of the leftist protesters doesn't just lead to vandalism it has also led to assault. The assault is even to a degree where a protester against Milo Yiannopoulos was accidentally shot by another protester.

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Cleaning Up the Mess    

     To clear up the misinterpretation I must ask; what is American Conservatism? According to Ben Shapiro the American principles cherished by conservatives are, “…limited government, individual liberty, God-given natural rights, localism in politics, religious freedom, freedom of speech and of the press, and so forth.” This gives a partial glimpse into what American Conservatism is, but I don’t think its completely there. My understanding of Conservatism combines those original and exceptional American ideals crafted by the Founding Fathers with a newer more provocative need to speak the truth whether it is kind or mean.  What is American Conservatism? It is the political ideology of free-speech, individual property rights, and a fierce love of the right to bear arms. This included with traditional family values, Judeo-Christian truths, scientific facts, an adherence to Libertarianism, and all forms of American Exceptionalism. 

   The American Exceptionalism I speak of is created through our principles and our actions. However this exceptionlism is not shared by everyone in America and is continually on the edge of destruction due to radical left-wing and radical right-wing idealogues. These radical idealogues are both the perpetrators of the terrorism seen above but are also the people that appear at Richard Spencer talks peacefully. Similarly these two pursue a larger government at the expense of the individual whether they belong to the bourgeoisie or to a specific ethnic group. What sets them apart though would be the literal terrorism brought about by the radical left and the peaceful assembly used by the radical right. However I know that both are equally detrimental to both American Conservatism and our Republic.

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     It should be mentioned however these assaults can be put down swiftly as long as we convince America to rise up under the banner of Conservatism and true Liberalism. We need to come together as a nation rather than hate eachother for petty differences. We as Americans also need to start reading the policies put forward in congress and become more educated. Similarly it is about time we destroy mainstream media and start educating ourselves everyday. Only when the populace is educated can we succeed as a society.

     In conclusion, Conservatives have one major enemy that we have to fight; misunderstanding. This misunderstanding has led to dangerous radicalism that threatens our country and we need to, as individuals, educate one another and debate to fight off this threat. We can and will restore our Republic.






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