What A Doug Jones Victory Means (Video)

Democrat Jones defeated republican candidate Roy Moore in the deep red, deep south state of Alabama replacing incumbent Luther Strange. This is a state that has not elected a democrat senator since 1992.

How was a republican defeated in such a deep red state? Before any sexual allegations came out about Roy Moore, he wasn't exactly the MOST likeable person. With many favorable views on limited government, 2nd amendment, and abortion came with views that were not so favorable for some. Such as believing muslims should not hold public office and repealing amendments after the 10th. In the primaries, Roy Moore won 38.9% of the vote and lost the main election only getting 48.4%. Jeff Sessions, who left the senate seat in Alabama when accepting the position of U.S attorney general, was elected with 97% of the votes. And Richard Shelby, the other sitting senator of Alabama, was elected with 63% of the votes.


Moore Sexual Allegations

Multiple women came out of the woodworks to falsely accuse Moore of sexually assaulting them as teenagers. Moore had denied the allegations of course. These allegations only came right after he defeated establishment candidate Luther Strange in the primaries and first time it has ever been mentioned in 40 years. Mind you, he has been in politics for all that time, even serving as a judge in Alabama.




After the Doug Jones victory, Beverly Young Nelson (a Roy Moore accuser) had a reaction interview with CNN on her thoughts about the results. I want you to notice how she answers the interviewer when asked about if Moore should still be prosecuted. She is a liar!



What A Doug Jones Victory in Alabama Means

Doug Jones is a replica of Hillary Clinton on some issues. A believer that a woman has a right to end the life of her child, even on the 9th month of pregnancy. Public option for healthcare. Just like any typical democrat, he wants higher taxes and is VERY weak on illegal immigration. I hope and pray that Doug Jones does change for the good of the people in the great state of Alabama.

With his victory, the senate will now have a 51 republican majority.


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  • December 16, 2017 at 12:12 am

    Any thoughts on NY? Gilibrand is up and ahe CAN be beaten! The NY GOP is weak because of weak leadership. We need attention and a solid conservative candidate. We can win. 

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