Trump Delivers Huge Speech in Pensacola, Florida (Video)

President Trump delivers another great speech in Pensacola, Florida covering several issues and victories in the last few months. Our booming economy of 3% growth in the last two quarters, the endorsement of Roy Moore(Alabama is only 20 mins from Pensacola) and many others.

He reiterated his stance that our rights do in fact come from God and not the government. That every American should stand up for our national anthem to show respect for our great country and all the men and women who served and/or died to protect our freedoms.

He also sarcastically thanked CNN for their retraction of a false story about the Trump team and wikileaks.

And even taking shots at Hillary Clinton and the "resistance" movement by mimicking a protestor.

Click the video below to watch it!




God Bless you all


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