It’s Easy To Hate On Trump

Our millennials in this country, who are the youngest generation that can vote, will always find the new trendy thing to follow. At their young age they still care about other's opinions about them and what they can change mentally and physically to please those around them. Many of our young millennials suffer from low self-esteem issues. Many things are considered offensive to them. Safe spaces are their sanctuaries whenever they're feeling emotionally scared of the world and what people might say to them.

California Is Our Country's First Sanctuary State

And I would be irresponsible to say ALL millennials are like this, maybe not even the majority of them. There is definitely many common traits amongst all the ones who take offense to everything.
1. They take offense to ANY implication of disapproval towards the religion of Islam.
2. Complain about student debt yet currently majoring for a useless degree
3. Believe they are entitled to debt-free college
4. Want Socialism
5. Racist towards white people
6. Hate Trump
7. Hate Trump supporters

If you combine all these traits into one human being, you get the common liberal progressive millennial. Kids who don't have a single clue about the real world and expected to be treated as deliclate flowers with no risk of their feelings being hurt.

They Hate Trump

Donald Trump is the EPITOME of what these progressive millennials absolutely despise from society. Insensitive words, bluntness, and a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism. The thing is millennials get their news and entertainment from liberal elites. Those in Hollywood and media like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times etc. When they idolize morons like Jimmy Kimmel who constantly bash Trump and the GOP but won't attack mega democrat donor Harvery Weinstein on his recent rape accusations, that's where the problem begins. Our young adults are the easiest to brainwash and control thus why many universities are liberal-leaning and so are the professors.

Let's educate our younger education! Get them involved in politics. Teach them the importance of hard work and researching. If not, a bunch of socialists will be running this country when the older generations are gone.