California Is Our Country’s First Sanctuary State

This is what it finally comes down to! California's democratic governor, Jerry Brown, just signed a bill granting the Golden State sanctuary status for illegal immigration. Starting January of next year, illegal aliens residing in California will not have to fear of being deported to their homeland. This is retaliation for Trump's strong stance on illegal immigration and a big F U to the country and its laws.

  But not just that. After a year of trying to get Trump over this Russian election meddling hoax, Democrats are trying to keep in as many illegals as possible. Why? Because it only means one thing to them. Votes. 14 out of 18 states that don't require any form of ID to vote were either democrat or swing states. Go figure!

  Jerry Brown has never cared about the citizens of his own state. Want proof? Click below where explains all his campaign promises are a big lie. In his OWN WORDS.


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