The Ironically named Antifa or “Anti-Fascism” Is America’s New Ku Klux Klan

Before writing this up, I truly wanted to give the honor of the “new KKK” to the Black Lives Matter movement. As much as they like to cause riots, call for the death of policemen and women, and voice their hatred for white people, they were a strong contender for the title. But I give the high and glorious award of America’s most hateful and fascist group to Antifa. The ironically named Antifa or “Anit-Fascism” is a group of masked rioters bent to destroy and attack everything “fascist” about President Trump and any of his supporters (or conservatives in general for that matter). While disregarding their own fascist means their goal is to shut down everything in their way.

The founding of Antifa is hard to pinpoint when it exactly happened. There are reports that Antifa has stemmed back to 30 years ago. BUT we can all agree it has seen an extreme growth in the 2015-17 period. Why has their movement grown so much recently?

God Created The Bible; The Bible Created America!

If you pay attention to the news or you just so happen not to be living under a rock, your first answer would probably be The Donald. To that I’d say that is MOSTLY true but another figure helped grow Antifa whether purposely or accidentally and that man is Bernie Sanders. I’m sure you remember the chants of his supporters like “Feel The Bern!” and “It’s not socialism! It’s DEMOCRATIC socialism!” and other very intelligent phrases!

What really blows my mind is seeing a Jewish man supporting socialism because every country where socialism was present, its’ leaders hated the Jews. Nazi Germany is a prime example. (Nazi = National Socialist German Workers’ Party). And speaking of Nazis, Antifa’s main goal is to gang up and shut down all who they believe are Nazis a.k.a. Trump supporters and conservatives and silence them. They do this while they proudly fly their communist hammer & sickle flags. Symbols that represent the exact definition of fascism and silencing free speech which contradicts their regime.


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