Politicians Who Cried Wolf (Russia)

To everyone who reads this, can you remember the ones who said how “ridiculous” the claims of Donald Trump were about how 3-5 millions illegal votes were cast to help Hillary win a rigged election? Now, Trump faced much scrutiny and ridicule for it because he did not provide any factual evidence. For information of the rigged election, CLICK HERE. Well, I also remember the rumor of how Russia helped rig the election for Trump started spreading and being discussed throughout all mainstream news outlets. I thought to myself “There is no way anybody is that stupid to believe such a ridiculous lie with no proof whatsoever”. Especially after voters on the left had just bashed Trump about his claims of a rigged election…

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Gullible As Ever

Well, our fellow American liberals bought into the lie that Russia interfered with the election and they are as gullible as ever. More gullible now than before when they thought that Hillary could actually make a good president. But when you have “women” like Rachel Maddow from MSNBC who constantly attacks our president with a false narrative about Russia Russia Russia, people start to believe it. Tell a lie enough times and people start believing it, right? This is dangerous and we need to hold these mainstream losers accountable for their lies. It’s all part of their big agenda to derail President Trump. Not just people in the media but also representatives and senators.

Take Nancy Pelosi for example. No offense to people with real mental health issues but this woman is losing her freaking mind. She jumped on the Russia bandwagon right about when the rumors started after months of saying we would not be seeing a President Trump. Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer etc are all blaming Russia and Putin for the loss of their queen, Hillary Clinton. Though Trump has never met Putin or has any business dealings or ties with Russia.

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Diane Feinstein, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer from CNN, has ADMITTED that there is no evidence of ties AND that she has admitted that she is going by rumors alone.

So Is It Russia?

Of course not. I think you would have to be a fool to believe that. Just remember the democrats, and some republicans, could not stand to see a President Donald Trump. You had conservatives saying they would not vote for him. Republicans, like low-energy Jeblet Bush, broke their pledge to support the Republican nominee. Republican newspapers switched parties to endorse Hillary. There were “glitches” at some of the voting booths where if someone wanted to vote for Trump it would mysteriously switch to Hillary. Several counties in Texas had to switch to paper ballots only(information from Breitbart). You had illegals voting. All these advantages and yet Hillary couldn’t pull off a victory? After a humiliating loss like that, I would be blaming another country too. Just kidding; I have much more integrity than that.

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