Socialism vs. Charity: Was Jesus a Socialist Hippie?

In this day in age where we live in a world that has confused good for evil and evil for good, what can we know as truth? We humans living in the 21st century have many different “opinions” of what Jesus Christ was in the political sense. Why does it matter? We can’t be critics for the rest of our lives devoid of knowledge and research. If something is important to you, find the answer. So I come to this question that conservatives and liberals can not agree to one answer. Was Jesus a socialist? Would he be on the right or on the left side on major issues?

Jesus’ Healings

Jesus Christ was a man that had healing powers that would make the lame walk and give sight to the blind. And multiply food to feed a multitude of people. He helped the needy; a stance that democrats abide to(so they say). They say we must help the needy just like Jesus did. We need to feed the poor, just like Jesus. So with their understanding, we must expand government so it can take care of EVERYONE. Free healthcare is one regulation they want to push. And it’s truly a damnable thing. Would Jesus approve of this?



Sorry liberals but he would have NOT approved of anything that is considered “big government”. Jesus did not rely on government or Caesar or anyone else to fix the problems of man. He was and still is the son of God manifested in the flesh. He tells us to love our God and love our neighbors. Love everyone. That would include taking care of others and offering hospitality. But God is very clear about those needy ones that could take advantage of that.

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:10

God can certainly help you but you also need to help yourself. You can not rely solely on things that are just given to you for free. You need to work hard to succeed. To provide for you and your family. One tool that the government uses to control us and make it look like they’re helping us is welfare. Yes, there are people who truly need that assistance but more people than EVER are receiving government benefits when they are perfectly able to work.

We need to rely on one thing in this world and that is the almighty God. Without him, nothing is possible. With Him, nothing is impossible.


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