Equality Regarding Rights, Not Outcomes

There is debate rampaging through certain circles in our nation about whether everyone should or does have a right to an “equal outcome”. However, regardless of how much one flaps their gums together about this, it is absolute 100% total nonsense. You see, a group of very wise individuals forged a document or two dealing with rights, while I checked thoroughly, right to equality of outcome just isn’t to be found.


Equal Opportunity YES…



The Declaration of Independence clearly states this fact, All Men Are Created Equal. The whopping importance of this particular statement is that, every man, woman, or child, has been created, on an equal playing field, endowed with the next part we hear in this document, Life, the very first right. Immediately following you will find, Liberty, which all were created equally with as well. Then, the next words you will see, are what we are calling in this writing, equality of opportunity aka Pursuit of Happiness. So yes, crazy socialist progressives, every American has a RIGHT to equal opportunity, but give an inch and what will they do?


Equal Outcome, Not So Much…


Common sense would tell most of us, everyone receiving the same outcomes in their lives, is Socialism. However there are still those among us who just can’t seem to get it. I’m gonna try to break this fallacy down. Life itself, is fair. We were all created by the same God, with the same opportunities(see above).  Yet, we are all born into different families, different situations, different locations, different circumstances, etc. The system of government we are born into varies, sometimes being born into a tyrannical despotic system, this can be argued, is unfair. That brings me back to the individual. How we react to the environment around us is the biggest step in determining who we will become, or what our outcome will be. Those who choose to pursue the potential of their God given talents, will always achieve a better outcome, or standard of living than those who throw personal pity parties all their lives. Regardless of what side of the spectrum your beliefs lie on, there is no changing the fact, natural, unchanging, fact that everyone is different, and absolutely should be.



“But some don’t pay their fair share” you may scream. Everyone pays their fair share, according to whatever laws govern them. Should some of these be changed, or done away with, sure, it’s that way with all aspects of policy. The only solution we have to the ignorance of people believing that every one of us should be the same, is to educate those lost in this sea of stupid about what being born free and equal means. This, sadly, will require the states, people in local communities, to take back the classrooms from the government, as well as coming up with an honest media outlet to teach the masses. These two things, I know, are pipe dreams, but remember, some of the greatest things in our world, started as dreams.


Proverbs 22:6

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