President Trump Chooses Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court (Video)

Our president Donald Trump has chosen Neil Gorsuch to be the replacement of Justice Antonin Scalia in the U.S Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch is a staunch conservative and was chosen by Trump with “Scalia’s image and genius” in mind.

The president added “When he(Gorsuch) was nominated to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, he was confirmed by the Senate unanimously”. As a judge, to generalize, he sided with Hobby Lobby in the case of Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores against the Affordable Care Act. He supported using religious liberty to deny someone a service if it conflicted with their morals or beliefs.

Gorsuch believes in the U.S Constitution in it’s orignal, literal meaning and does not believe it is a living document, thank God.

After Scalia’s death during the presidential election, finding a replacement was a HUGE responsibility. The issue was brought on the debate stage. Everyone agreed that Justice Scalia is a true conservative.



Trump during the election introduced 21 supreme court nominees that he would choose from to replace Justice Scalia if he were to become president. One of them being Neil Gorsuch. As president, Donald Trump has kept his word on every single action from the refugee ban to the border wall and now his Supreme Court pick. I’m glad we finally have a commander in chief who keeps his word.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) commented on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

During the campaign, he promised the American people that he would nominate a principled constitutionalist to replace Justice Scalia, and tonight President Trump honored that commitment. I think Judge Gorsuch is a home run.

Many conservatives such as Cruz and Rick Santorum have expressed their approval of Neil Gorsuch.

The Senate approved him 10 years ago for the 10th Circuit Court. Let’s see what their decision is now.

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