Obama vs. Trump; Who’s Crowd Was Larger?

Recently, an interesting subject has emerged about who’s inauguration crowd was larger; Obama’s or Trump’s? We here at Deplorably Conservative have the answer and want to tell you why it truly does not matter!

In the image above, you have Obama’s Inauguration crowd in 2009 (left) and Trump’s in 2017 (right). Based on this alone, we can conclude that Obama indeed had a much larger crowd. How did Obama gain such a huge crowd? Why was Trump’s mediocre compared to the 44th president’s?

Cannibalizing Our History Is Demolishing Our Future


In 2008, United States elected the first African-American president in history. That was a monumental accomplishment for America (minus the fact that the majority of the country didn’t care about a Marxist/socialist monster being president). People wanted to go see the first black man to be sworn in. Who can blame them?

So Why Was Trump’s Crowd Smaller?

Fast forward 8 years to Inauguration Day 2017. New York businessman and real estate mogul, Donald Trump, is being sworn into the Presidency. As you may know, there have been riots for almost a year and a half because of the progressive left pushing against a man who they believed to be a fascist and a racist (though being an American progressive is to be fascist). To show your appreciation or support for Donald Trump is to be labeled a disgusting term (xenophobe, racist, homophobe) and/or to be physically attacked by the “tolerant” left. Could you imagine the father or mother of a family wanting to go to this inauguration but did not go because they feared for the safety of their children. Did you see the riot on Inauguration Day? That was the worst one since Trump announced presidency!

If you look at the election results, Washington D.C of course has their own electoral count. In 2008, Obama got 92% of the vote there. Trump in 2016? Only 4%. The city is flooded with liberals, not conservatives.

D.C. is bordered by 5 counties which were all won by Hillary by at LEAST 65% of the vote. With all of this being said, it is natural that ANY democratic president elect would draw the bigger crowd against the republican.

Mainstream Media’s Deception

The reason we are even talking about crowd sizes is because of the media’s attempt to delegitimize our president. Now that we are days into this new presidency, Trump is already signing many executive orders. We have more important things to talk about.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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