Cannibalizing Our History Is Demolishing Our Future

There is no doubt, we are a nation divided, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. The fuel that’s driving this wedge deeper is the lack of historical knowledge, or complete ignorance of the past. People use history only when it fits their personal narrative. Only when we begin to learn from our past, the mistakes made, the successes achieved, will we secure a future for the next generation that is better than we found it.


The Biggest Problem…

Again the winner for biggest problem child, the mainstream media. Nobody butchers the truth like these imbeciles. Trying to get the truth from one of these sources is equal to time travel, we keep thinking it is there, but no matter how hard we try, it simply isn’t. At some point you would think that the American public, after consuming enough of this garbage, would recognize the awful taste left in their mouth. Until people start realizing the fact that everything, and i mean everything, coming through mainstream news sources, is agenda driven, we will continue to be useful idiots.


History lesson, Nazi propaganda was swallowed by the German people like candy. The outcome was arguably history’s most evil form of life coming to power, and millions of innocent people dead. Most of the German public, had they researched or paid closer attention, would have never supported Hitler(I at least like to think so). Do your own research on history, please use multiple sources. A perfect example of this is Benghazi. Years from now, if history books still even exist, they will read something like “4 Americans Dead In Protest Over Hateful Video”. Pure garbage, yet unless we start putting an end to the corrupt narrative, from media AND government, our children will grow up blind to the truth.


The Next Conspirator…



Again no secret, the education system in our country is steadily becoming the laughing stock of the world. What used to be the gold standard in learning, is now nothing but a bunch of government indoctrination training centers. Starting with the youngest of them all, to the graduate school trainees, a steady diet of socialism is being injected into the brainwaves of our posterity. Manners used to be taught in elementary schools, now saying sir or ma’am is considered offensive because you might assume someones gender. Holding doors for people coming inside behind you, now that’s offensive, are you saying I’m too weak to do it for myself?

Math, 2 + 2 has always been 4, and always pretty easy to figure out. Try doing some of the math in the classrooms today, with Commy Core if you can explain why you think the answer is 3, it’s considered progress. Or the fact that for children to figure out simple problems, they are being taught to go around their elbows to get to their posteriors. Let’s try work ethic, something that school was originally intended to prepare us all for. Kids today are being taught about free stuff, fair shares, and the like. They hardly if ever get taught, you need to dedicate yourself to hard work to be successful. Instead they are taught, if it doesn’t work the way you want it, claim to be a victim.

History, if it’s taught at all anymore, is aimed at pushing an agenda of a failing past, so we need to change our ways as a nation to make a brighter future you see. The fact that our Founding Fathers risked their all, to give us the greatest historical experiment in freedom known to man, never crosses within miles of the zip code of a child’s desk. They are taught that the white man represents evil slave owners, but not that a good portion of slave owners, were black themselves(see image below). The hypocrisy within our classrooms has reached pandemic levels. Parents, fellow Americans, it’s beyond time to take our classrooms back. Ignoring this enemy of our children’s minds only leads further down the road to American failure.


Stubborn Ol Facts…

The great John Adams once said, “Facts Are Stubborn Things”. Indeed they are, if only Americans would pay attention to them. Our culture today is too worried about the latest trend shining bright in the screen of a cellphone to know a fact if it crosses them with a right hook to the nose. Take the above image, this fact isn’t being taught in school or spoken by the media. Instead the only thing you will hear from the news, universities, or even dear leader, “guns kill people”. How interesting, looks like PEOPLE did this to me. From the mass media to the top think tank in Washington, to the elementary school on the corner all the way through the Ivy League, an agenda is being installed into the young citizens head. Only a public educated on true history will ever survive. History repeats itself, and once you become informed on truths from the past, only then can you truly light the flame of a better tomorrow.




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