Progressives Are Right. He’s Not Our President… Until January 20th (Race Issues)

The day is almost near! If all progressives haven’t soiled themselves yet, by January 20th, 100% of them will have. We are currently living in a country where 87% of the population has no problem with two people of different races getting married. Compare that to 1958 where it was only 4%. If that’s true, how did a man who was labeled as sexist, misogynistic, racist, Islamophobic, a bigot and many other names get elected as the President of the United States of America? A nation that elected a black man as president twice. Utah, arguably the most HEAVY red state in the country, nominated a transgender woman (Misty Snow) as their democratic nominee to run as senator. With these circumstances how did a “racist” become president?? How!?


Simply because he’s not.

Democrats have been pulling the race card on Republicans for decades. How do you win an argument against a republican? Call him/her racist. Just say he or she hates gays or hates anything that is different than them. This has been going on for years on end and democrats have been winning that fight. Trump has been hit with all these accusations. But what’s different about him from all republicans before him is that he did not let the democrats trample him.


Though closely having conservative values, I do not consider him a republican or a democrat. The republicans have always been the party for liberty and freedom for all people and colors. (I’ll get to that in a sec). But recently, it has been run by borderline democrats or RINOs as I would call them (Republicans in name only). Trump was the answer for the corruption in both parties and I pray to God he is the solution.

Liberals claim the democratic party is the party of the minorities. Conservatives say it’s the republicans. Who’s right? Well let’s look at history.



So the democratic party “the party of minorities” have actually been oppressing blacks for almost 200 years now. Wow! Now they will say, that the parties *switched*. In Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, Hillary’s America, he speaks of this and debunks it. You can read it here on #12.



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