Abortion Equals Federally Funded Murder

While this article may anger several, tug at some heart strings,even make some nauseous,for that I truly apologize but, do not feel alone. It will have double the effect on me as I write. I however, will not apologize for the subject matter. These people are in my opinion the ultimate form of evil, absolute monsters devoid of any form of human feelings. When a life forming within the confines of their mothers womb is no longer protected in this country, is there anything sacred left? The saddest part of it all,it will ultimately be seen, our very own federal government, our media, and so many more, champion the doctors who perform these atrocities as hero’s while comforting the one allowing the process to be performed on them. There are no words for this government sanctioned evil, and it’s time for a little truth.


So It Begins…

The demonic figure you see above is none other than the founder of the golden child of the progressive left, Planned Parenthood, the ONE thing that democrats will NOT allow to be defunded, come hell or high water. This is their sacred hill and they plan to die on it(I can think of a few suggestions). As you can also see above, from her direct quote(do your own research on her, its sickening), her goal was to eliminate entire races of people that those like her saw as inferior. I will not give this animal any more of my time than necessary to make my point. Watch the video linked below if you think you can stomach the evil. The bottom line here is, this was where it all began. By the way, this is the woman Killary Clinton praised as such a huge inspiration in her life. As our future President said, “Such A Nasty Woman”.

It Gets Worse…



The two men pictured above are probably two of the worst forms of evil the human race can produce. Kermit Gosnell, the so called doctor who performed the atrocity you see in the featured image, and Barack Obama, a disgrace of a man who continuously denies legislation to stop this child murder. While it can be said that not all abortions are the same as the instance I’ve used, the fact that just ONE partial or full birth abortion is performed is unacceptable to normal people. Planned Parenthood was caught on video bragging about the sale of dismembered babies to their “clients”. Absolutely horrible in itself, however, the so called President and his staff of evil did everything they could to prevent any legal action against Planned Parenthood.

The mainstream media response, nothing but praise and support for the organization, and complete denial of any wrong doing. Somewhere, somehow, the American people HAVE to stop this killing. Again I will ask, if a growing life is not safe in it’s mothers womb, is anything sacred? Our government supports, sanctions, and funds all of this. As for the animal Gosnell, he said after seeing one child’s size quote, “He’s big enough to walk me to the bus stop”. Yes Mrs. Albright, there is a special place in hell, except it’s not for women who don’t support Mrs. Clinton, it’s certainly for monsters like these.


Abortion Isn’t Constitutional…


Abortion supporters love to say that due to Roe V Wade, abortion is constitutional. Right here, right now, I will put one dead center bullseye into the heart of this disgusting lie. In this tragic court decision, the Supreme Court broke the law, improperly trying to base the decision on the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. To make it legal for one group of humans, would be mothers in this case, to omit the same right to Due Process to another group of humans, unborn babies, is an outright violation not a justification, and certainly against the Founders intention for the Due Process Clause.

The United States Constitution protects the right to life of ALL, especially the right to the most crucial right of all, Life. Norma McCorvey, pictured above, is Roe, the one who fought for this so called right to be legal. She has since become educated and reversed her heart on the issue. I personally thank her for that and pray for her to make a difference in someday helping to kill this law, instead of beating little hearts.


Who Will Help…

Before anyone gets upset with the photo above, I want to make this point. I am for the success of Donald Trump’s presidency just as much as the most avid Trump supporter. However, he has taken both sides of this issue before, so which one is it. Trump has said that abortion must be stopped, and I pray that is his ultimate stance. He has also, however, said that Planned Parenthood does good things for women, this I pray is not his ultimate stance. Either way, we, the American people, have to hold him accountable on this issue if he goes along to get along.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve a dime of taxpayer money. President Trump CAN be a HUGE help in stopping this in it’s tracks. He will appoint more than one Supreme Court Justice during his presidency, and with the right choices, will start to bring this deadly issue under control. I pray for the success of President-Elect Trump on a daily basis. I thank God Almighty that we are not stuck with Satan holding a set of keys to the Church(Hillary Clinton). While changing your mind on some issues may not be the end of the world. To flip flop on the issue of right to life in the womb, is certainly the end of the world for the butchered.


Past Time For Action…

It is well past time for us to be fed up with seeing graphic images, reading tragic stories, seeing disgusting videos. It is high time some people start being held accountable for these horrendous crimes against life. Since Roe V Wade was enacted into law, over 55 million and counting have been slaughtered, in the name of choice. Well as the main image of this post says, these little ones had no choice. Blood was shed, and lots of it, over two centuries ago, for the freedoms that we have today. Before that War of Independence was fought, said Independence had to be declared. It thankfully was, and with it, the charter that declared exactly why. The very first thing you see in our Declaration of Independence to be won and paid for with every drop of blood in them, the right to LIFE! It’s our turn to fight for that very same right for our posterity!


Proverbs 22:6


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  • January 15, 2017 at 4:21 am

    I am also upset about abortion.
    I think that Trump thinks that all of the other services Planned Parenthood helps EXCEPT abortion.
    I think he is pro- life, definitely.

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