Education Secretary May Be Trump’s Most Crucial Cabinet Pick

Education is possibly the biggest problem we have in this country. Our children are being fed socialism in bunches, with a side of zero morals to wash it down. If we do not take our schools back from the government progressives, we very well may lose our country. It only takes one generation being taught the same lies and lack of values for our American History and Heritage to become extinct.


The Problem…

One size fits all education is Socialism, pure and simple. Our current education standards reflect this, and as Donald Trump would say, “Bigly”. Socialism is simply government control of all means of production. In this case, it’s control of the production of what is being taught to our children, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This should scare any American reading this, regardless of whether you have children or not, these are the future powers to be in this great nation.

The federal leviathan in Washington is force feeding these standards into our classrooms. States have the option of course, of whether they want to implement said socialist standards or not. The big elephant stopping most states from refusing: federal education dollars. Without the money that most states receive from the federal government, our schools would become even more like third world facilities. So to keep from having their funding hijacked, the states give in. Kids are not allowed to learn as individuals, just take the test and let’s move on.

There is a way to bring American values, American morals, and the God given right so stated in the Declaration of Independence to be the best YOU possible. After all that’s pretty much what “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness” means. This secular, government forced, socialist, indoctrination system, is training every child to be just alike. If everyone were all the same around you, just think how crappy life would be, if we all thought and acted alike. There is a solution to this, one we cannot get wrong this time. We are running short of time before the train is just too far gone from the station to stop.


The Solution…





The original intention of the Founding Fathers, along with generations since, has been locally controlled and implemented education. Each state, city, or community, knows a lot better than some moron in a suit, the things and issues that effect them the most. Again if we were all the same there would be no need for discussion of education, we would already be a socialist country, not just headed in that direction. Obviously the states individual education departments need to regain total control of the curriculum being taught in their schools. The state then should pass down to the county school boards limited certain core standards, and leave the rest up to them to fine tune. For example, if County A in California wants to teach gender studies, let them, so long as the people in County B in Texas can teach what the Bible and science says regarding the two genders(oops I assumed didn’t I). Part of me says just abolish the Federal Department, but I think it would be better if it were just reformed. This reform is simple, provide funding to the states for the education of their children, and get the hell out of the way. The American people can take it from there.

The Next Chapter…

Betsy DeVos will be, if confirmed, the next head of the Federal Department of Education. Obviously Trump sees the right things in her according to his plan for education. During the campaign to become our next leader, Donald Trump on several occasions, told the people that he would bring education back to the states. We should keep a close eye on that campaign promise. While none of us truly know what Mrs. DeVos will do, if confirmed, during her tenure as Education Secretary, we MUST be diligent in our attention to her every move.

Trump is a billionaire, DeVos is a billionaire, and this has a lot of people worried. I personally pray daily for her, as well as our President-Elect, that together they will go a very long way towards the slogan “Make America Great Again”. Education is the biggest key, in my opinion, to any society. What you teach your citizens from birth becomes their core values throughout life, at least for the hugest majority of them. If we fail to take our classrooms back from the Socialist beast that is the cesspool of Washington D.C., we are almost certainly going to live to hear our grandchildren ask questions like, “Grandma what does Liberty mean?”

Proverbs 22:6

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