Ideologies Can Be Very Dangerous

In the wake of the latest stab in the back to Israel by our pathetic government, I wanted to talk about ideologies. An ideology is naturally a system of ideas, be they whatever category. For this I am going to discuss political ideologies, and how utterly dangerous, destructive, and deadly they can be.



We’ll start with our ALLY Israel…

Since everyone who reads this may not be religious, or just not agree on topics of religion, I won’t dwell on this fact. But, Israel IS God’s special chosen people. The Bible clearly tells us of the covenant God made with Israel, and that whoever blesses them shall themselves be blessed, or whoever curses them be cursed. That is their heritage.

That said, Israel is our biggest ally in the hotbed we call the Middle East. For decades the United States has stood side by side with this tiny peaceful nation. No matter who disagreed with the idea of protection of Israel, they saw the logic and necessity to stand with these people. Now we insert ideology, Barrack Hussein Obama purely hates this friend of ours. Sadly enough of our fellow countrymen decided to elect this monster to lead this nation.

Along with the office of President, he has his hand on the keys of our foreign policies. This power along with the ideology that Israel doesn’t deserve it’s homeland, has proven to be an extremely dangerous and potentially very deadly “ideology”. The overwhelming majority of Americans stand with Israel. To condemn these people for their stake to their rightful homeland is just downright disgusting. Hopefully Donald Trump will keep his vow to move our Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, stand up to this ideology of evil, and assure our biggest allies that we will have their back.

The myth of a Palestinian state…

There is no such thing. Sure over 130 other countries in the bogus U.N. claim to “recognize” them as a sovereign nation, but they are not. Palestine is simply anti Israel propaganda created in the minds of those who despise the Jewish people. I personally believe this “ideology” of even a Palestinian people goes back to Abraham’s day.

Ishmael was born to Abraham before Isaac was, but he was not the son God promised to make great in his covenant. Shortened, Isaac received Abraham’s blessing and the covenant was kept. Ishmael and through his descendants to this very day, utterly HATE everything the Jews stand for. As I said, my opinion, but most people share the same thoughts about it I’m sure, for it is in Scripture.

With this, I believe, as do countless others, that the myth of Palestinian Arabs was created to try to gain support from others to push Israel from their promised homeland. This centuries old hate of a half-brother who wants revenge, thinking he was wronged and is the true heir of God’s chosen land, passing this hatred through generations, somewhere along the line created the myth of Palestinian rights to Jewish land. This idea, has been stuck in the minds of many to this very day.

Other dangerous ideas..

Islam is a religion of peace. The very book they worship from repeatedly calls for them to kill all unbelievers. This “ideology” is continuously aiding and abetting the perpetrators of this evil to continue slaughtering innocent lives.  A woman’s right to choose.  Another idea legally accepted that also leads to the slaughter of millions of innocents. Sex that doesn’t further the human race is normal.

I will be the first to agree with them, everyone should be able to love who they want to love. That agreement ends when you try to force your “idea” on all that non-procreational sex is normal. Being anti illegal immigration is racist. Just your idea again. I will not apologize for wanting to keep out those who break our laws.  Most sovereign nations control their borders, just a fact I’m throwing in. There is really more genders out there. This one should baffle even the dullest mindset. You either pee standing up, or you don’t. You either can bear children, or you can’t. I’m simply blown away by the amount of so called adults who believe this fantasy world society has made up. Guns kill people. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep an eye on mine so I can dodge the bullet when it jumps up and fires at me by itself.

I could go on and on, with ideology that is absolutely fighting against fact and common sense. The pitiful part, it’s winning in our society. This is something that those of us who love our nation, our freedom, our values, and just plain old truth, need to start fighting vigorously.

Proverbs 22:6

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