We Must Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Whatever it may be that you believe in, I want to say that I believe in our lord and savior Jesus Christ. And he spared us and this country of an untimely destruction by a Hillary Clinton presidency. I still sit down and think of this time today what I would be feeling if it were Hillary that won the election and not Trump. I would TRULY know what it feels like to have no hope. The hope and change that President Obama promised in 2008 was something any educated person could figure out as BS. ‘Yes We Can’? No we can’t. No we can’t grow the economy. No we can’t create more jobs and get more labor workers. No we can’t defund planned parenthood. But, yes we can racially divide this country. Yes we can disrespect our policemen. Yes we can sink this country into financial ruins. We have a president that trashes on Christianity yet claiming to be a christian himself. All of this will change 2017…hopefully.


Donald Trump’s Promise To America

In Trump’s presidential announcement speech, he said that the country doesn’t have victories anymore. That we have become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. Our vets are not being taken care of. They’re living on the streets etc. The United States of America has a lot of problems and Trump sees himself as the solution. He has promised to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.

Under a Trump administration, there will be a deportation force to get rid of any and all illegal immigrants currently reaping the benefits of Americans’ hard earned cash. ObamaCare, the Not Affordable Care Act, will be repealed and replaced with something “much better”. Our military will be strengthened and rebuilt. It is currently the smallest it has been since World War II. Our jobs will be brought back to U.S soil from foreign countries like Mexico, China, and Japan.

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”

When it comes to our economy, I believe I can trust him due to his life experience with real estate and creating jobs. He promises to cut taxes (which has proven to expand businesses a.k.a more jobs). Donald Trump, as a business man, has hired tens of thousands of employees for his golf courses, hotels, and other branches of The Trump Organization. He has given women occupations as well and paid them equal to what he would pay a man if they “did as good as a job”.

President-elect Trump promised a 35% tariff on goods coming in the United States from foreign countries. So any American company who move their factories to other countries would then have to pay 35% tax for their products. Apparently large companies took alarm.

Carrier Air Conditioning has already promised to keep their plant in Indiana, saving 1000 jobs. Ford has canceled their plans of creating a factory in Mexico and decide to invest $700 Million in Michigan. The Donald isn’t our president yet and he’s already paving the road to prosperity for our great country.


With all things being said this past year and a half, Trump has promised us all the great things our imagination can think of. He has great plans for immigration, the economy, our government, and the people of the United States. It is our job to remember his promises and keep him accountable for them. If he does what he said he would do, with the help of congress, we will truly Make America Great Again.


Thank you for reading and God Bless!


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  • January 7, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    “I still sit down and think of this time today what I would be feeling if it were Hillary that won the election and not Trump”
    We Just Barely Escaped A Presidential Nightmare:
    A Vision of a Presidential Nightmare:

    Here’s The Better Presidential Vision:
    “A Hero Will Rise” Or A Nation Will Fall

    Trump Will Usher in The Healing of Nations

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