We Are Being Inoculated Against The Truth

Call it the facts vaccine, or ignorance pills, maybe it’s their circumcision of common sense at birth, but SOMETHING none of us can seem to explain causes liberals to be weapons grade ignorant.  The scary part of it all, it appears to be very contagious.  These people won’t let the truth fool them, they will fight it to the end.  While we will probably never understand this disease, let’s at least try to target some root causes.

The Mainstream Monster…

In our world of 24-7 connectivity, it is amazingly simple to get information out to the masses.  Couple this with the fact that not many people slow down long enough, more like take the time, to do their own research.  So they turn to their handheld technology to see what the latest talking points are, and truth be damned they run with it like they are qualifying for the Olympics. 

You will occasionally hear a tidbit of fact come from one of these sources, but it’s very few and far between, also remember that the truth doesn’t stick to these people.  With the exception of Fox News, still not straight forward enough, every station you tune into is pushing an agenda.  You guessed it, a daily liberal indoctrination of garbage that their viewers ingest like it’s their last meal.  Don’t let me scare you, but the majority of those are millennials, our future leaders.  Nothing is fair and balanced about the mainstream media.  They chase ratings at the expense of real news, pumping out what sells.  Sadly enough, stupidity is #1 on the best seller list.



Institutes of Higher…..Knowledge???

Colleges and universities in the United States used to be the ultimate goal upon graduation from high school.  Parents made their kids keep their grades up for 18 years in hopes that Little Johnny or Little Susie would land at one of these prestigious institutions and come out on the other side with a glowing, successful career…….um yeah, not so much anymore.  From the moment a new student steps foot on campus at their choice new government think tank, they are quickly indoctrinated with progressive, socialist, liberal propaganda. 

Sadly those that we entrust to lead and teach them, are the very ones doing the indoctrinating, professors they are called.  Instead of a law major learning the Constitution they are being told that because America elected someone they don’t like, they are excused from class to grieve while they take in all the goodies at the sadness buffet.  Our children, who used to be the hope for our future, to pass American values on to their children, are instead coming out of the other side of these wasted years convinced that ISIS is really a victim group. 

If only they had a good jobs programs and benefits package, they would stop their brutality.  It really is weapons grade stupidity.  As for the student who truly wants to go into college to learn and secure their future in their field of study, I suppose that can still be accomplished, as long as you check your values and faith at the door.  If we, as Christians, Conservatives, and the like, don’t stand up to this progressive machine of terror now, one day we may be wearing it’s chains.

Some solutions…

It is apparent, in my opinion, that the mainstream media and our universities are the biggest obstacles we face today, if we want to keep our country.  We need to come together regardless of our small differences, and take control of the narrative.  The liberal youth today has no sane leadership.  A Road to Damascus moment is badly needed in this situation.  We do not have much to choose from but we certainly can make a difference.  Fight back with facts.  Reverse the game on them. 

If they hear a lie enough times, it’s bound to become fact to them.  We can’t give up on the truth.  So let them hear the truth, reality, enough times.  Conservative talk radio could play a huge role in their wakening, so let’s challenge them to listen.  Another really good tool we have is books.  I have read several that would possibly change the view of about any liberal, if they would just do it.  So another challenge, pick a chapter that is eye opening and dare them to read it.  I am quite sure that I’m only scratching the surface of the possibilities available.  The saying where there’s a will there’s a way surely applies here too.  We cannot just give up on our youth, the next generation that will lead this great nation, either back to prosperity as a shining light to the world, or over the cliff.

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Proverbs 22:6