Setting Liberals Straight: Republic Not Democracy

It never ceases to baffle me just how many people believe that the United States is a democracy.  A democracy is simply mob rule.  The overwhelming majority of those who believe this are liberal/progressive, let’s be honest.  The thing most people miss or just ignore is, the liberal/progressive politicians know this and use it to their advantage.  The common liberal is sadly just a useful idiot to these politicians.  By that I mean, they live in their little social utopia happily skipping through life, periodically checking the news to get their talking points, never doing their own research.  And of course to them these talking points become the gospel they live by.  Well just in case they stumble and fall into this post, I’m going to try and educate them.


What is a representative republic?

A representative republic has many key points.  The main one is the fact that the voice of every individual matters.  Contrary to mob rule, the United States of America has elections that count each individual vote in the best way possible, the electoral college.  Each state or different region of this great nation has different desires, values, wants, needs, etc.  So how well would it work in a truly free nation, where each individual has the right to prosper as they see fit, to allow huge populated areas to decide what goes for the nation as a whole.  The founders knew this would be impossible, so they created an electoral college, where each state carried the same weight based on it’s representatives and senators.  The number of senators will always be the same, 2 for each state.  The representatives change or may change with the population of the state.  This amazing system has proven to work for over two centuries.  So never, please never, think your voice, your vote, doesn’t count because it certainly does.  Our brilliant founders created this form of government for that very reason.

What is a democracy?

A democracy is the majority of the whole, 50% + 1.  In a nation of by and for the people, this style of governing would never work.  Let’s take New York as an example.  New York City has a higher population than several states.  If we were a democracy, whatever this major city decided would nullify the voices of every individual in those outnumbered states.  Add a few other cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and a few more, and the voices of the majority of the nation would be nullified by a handful of cities.  It is really that cut and dry.  It isn’t rocket science liberals.  Each and every American is free to live and succeed to the best of their ability.  This is best protected by the fact that we are a representative republic and NOT a democracy.  If you prefer to live in a democracy, I will kindly let you know, the border works both ways.

Liberal whining about all we’ve discussed?

Being the representative republic that we are, liberals will throw that in your face fast, only when it works to their advantage.  The only time you hear the crying is when someone the people put in office threatens their progressive unconstitutional policies, or might be a danger to their cupcake stands and teddy bears in their safe spaces.  I can only hope that if you are reading this, are a liberal, and TRULY care about this nation being a city on a hill, a beacon of hope, a place where every living soul has true freedom, that you will take this lesson to heart and try to pass the education on to the rest of your side.

Proverbs 22:6