Not Christmas Without CHRIST

Disclaimer:  Let me start by saying, I’m not trying to offend anyone here.  Not trying to “Trigger” anyone’s soft spots, or violate any “Safe Spaces”.  BUT, I might by accident get close to it, so sorry in advance.


On the 25th of December every year we celebrate Christmas.  Whether you believe in the way it’s done or not, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is still just as true.  God breathed life into a virgins womb, and she gave birth to the savior of the world.  How you choose to celebrate that fact is on you.  As Christians we chose to take the pagan tradition and flip it on its evil head.  Because as you’ll soon find out, if you couldn’t already tell, we worship the SON not the sun.  God walked this earth in the flesh of a perfect man, then died a cruel death on the imperfect mans cross, just to FORGIVE the imperfect man.  We were created in the Imago Dei, we believe in the Verbum Dei, and we hear the Vox Dei.  And to top all that off, we are not ashamed!  Time for us to start showing that a little more.


The very first sentence of the very first amendment of the U.S. Constitution says that we have freedom of religion.  There is nothing I see or that you will find stating, “you have freedom FROM religion”.  Just like the words “separation of church and state” are missing from this great document, so is your freedom to not be offended.  I do however, believe and uphold your right to not associate with any form of religion.  That’s the beauty of being a free people, you can choose what or what not to believe.  However, you DO NOT have the right to prevent Christians from believing OR displaying those beliefs as they see fit.  If hearing that He was born in a stable so you could live in a mansion, or that he died the death we deserve offends you, don’t show up for Sunday services.  I certainly won’t show up at your next ritual sacrifice to (insert pagan god name here).

For too long we as believers in Christ have sat aside and watched as those who don’t share our views have demonized us.  Think of all the times you’ve seen the word Xmas in place of His name.  Kids in certain places in this nation, and it’s growing, can’t say Christ in their Christmas plays, or put up trees, or sing carols with His name, all because a few pansy atheists are butt hurt by the fact that they don’t agree.  Guys, they are a small minority imposing restrictions on the large majority.  STAND UP and tell these people to get over it.  He died for our salvation, I think we owe Him at least to defend his Holy Name.  From Madalyn Murray O’Hair pushing prayer from our schools to the U.S. Supreme Court calling killing God’s creation a constitutional right, WE haven’t put up much of a fight.  Well December 25th is not “winter holiday” or “festive holiday” or (again fill in pagan name here), it IS the celebration of the birth of JESUS CHRIST!  It has been said by many that you are only as good as the hills you’re willing to die on.  I think this is a good hill for us as His children to start defending, after all He chose a cross to die on in our place.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL…………………….Soli Deo gloria


Proverbs 22:6