Republicans/Conservatives now control all three branches of government, the people have decided, yet here we are on a team still divided.  I will be the first one in line to admit, I didn’t support Donald Trump.  I actually voted write in for Jesus Christ(true story).  While you may say it was a protest vote, I know it was more of a prayer/plea.  From the angle I have to view this thing, He is the only one who can save us.  That said, regardless of who we voted for or why for that matter, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we all have the same goal on Team Conservative?


What Are We Truly Conserving?

A group of what turned out to be very wise men, 240 years ago to be exact, created the finest form of government known to man.  A republic of by and for the people, with a limited, small, federal/national side.  This amazing creation allowed free men/women(YES there are only 2) to be just that, 100% free.  The only real stipulation to this deal is that you’re not to infringe on the rights of another in the process.  It all started with a declaration, that we the American people are to be equal in the eyes of Almighty God, as well as each other.  That we are to be free of the chains of tyranny(Socialism counts as tyranny as well), to govern ourselves as we see fit, and to prosper in life in every way we can.  Without this Declaration of Independence(same team guys), casting in our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, along with many lost lives and years of war, nothing further would be possible.  Think of it this way, for those out there who bash capitalism, you know the evil system of American profit, without this declaration, Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been free to invent the iPhone you’re probably reading this on.

Hashing Out Their Differences…

This same group, I will call them our Delcaring Fathers, shortly upon the end of the bloodshed and the surrender of the tyrant involved, became what we all call our Founding Fathers.  With America now free of the chains, she had to have a government to survive.  So these now free and independent colonies selected representatives to meet on their behalf with those from the other colonies.  They knew as we all should(and the major point of this entire article), a house divided will ultimately fall.  Within months they had reached an agreement, the United States Constitution, limited, very, limited national government, with three separate branches that will check and balance each other, a true government of the people.  Now for the people themselves to read it and give their approval.


Specifying Restrictions…

There was a whole lot of bickering, fussing and fighting, and weird ideas put forth when the Constitution went forth to be ratified.  However, in the end, one major issue blocked its path to completion, a Bill of Rights.  Specific things that the national government shall never do, as well as certain particular rights of the people that needed to be set in stone(parchment in this case).  We all know the absolute necessity of our Bill of Rights, so I won’t give a history lesson on that here.  Ahhh we reach the point where she says yes and accepts the ring.  The colonies have now agreed to this marriage, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is ready to walk the aisle of life together.

This Is Where We Come Into Play 240 Years Later…

To conserve means to protect, and as CONSERVatives we need to do just that.  TOGETHER.  You have social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and both.  You have independent conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Tea Party, etc…the list goes on.  No matter who you declare yourself to be, where your political loyalty lies, or who it lies with(please see opening paragraph), WE are all in this as one, E Pluribus Unum, to protect and defend from tyranny the very foundation and creation that God blessed us with those many years ago.  For the past 8 years, some will argue as far back as after Reagan left office, our rights, our liberties, have been under attack by politicians in a utopia far away from us here in flyover country.  Sadly as this erosion takes place, conservatives, republicans, etc, all seem to fight more with each other than we do with taking the fight to those who truly mean us harm.  If we are to take advantage of God’s gift of all three branches back in our hands……we HAVE NO CHOICE but to stop the bickering and realize that the scoreboard up there with our name beside theirs has us on the losing end.  There is no time for putting band aids on these injuries the left has created.  We have to surgically repair our freedoms, rights, liberties…..get back to what made us great to begin with……one small government, truly free, conservative heartbeat.


Proverbs 22:6