Liberal Hypocrisy

They’re After Him

The secular progressives warned that a Trump loss would result in riots and mayhem all across the nation amongst gun owning, “racist” conservatives. At the third and final presidential debate back in October, Trump declared that he may not accept the results of the election due to possible rigging. Social media, as Megyn Kelly recounted, gave the equivalent to a jaw drop when Trump said this. Hillary and Bernie supporters alike feared the worst. “Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy” they said. Hillary described it as “horrifying”. The mainstream media puppets also added on to the bashing of Donald Trump.


All the polls showed Hillary was in favor to becoming the next president of the United States of America. It looked like even if Donald Trump could win all the swing states, he would still come up short to the 270 electoral votes. But Election Day came and conservatives, republicans, and even some democrats came out to the polls to vote for their nominee. As the votes were counted, it was a tight race until all the key swing states started leaning to Trump. Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Arizona. He even flipped democratic Wisconsin and Michigan to republican! It looked like his message of “What the hell do you have to lose?” really struck a nerve with the Michigan residents. And in a a good way. As Pennsylvania was declared a victory for Mr. Trump, he had just become the President of the United States of America.


Then The Riots Began

Thousands of LIBERALS flooded the major cities nationwide to protest against the new president-elect. They shouted chants like “Not my President!” and “Love trumps hate!”. They say these things yet call for violence and war because they have huge disagreements with the new elected president. This same group, who started destroying private property and vandalizing businesses in the streets, are the same folks who warned this would happen if Trump had lost. This however, doesn’t surprise me to no end since the liberal majority has been doing this for years and years. Their CAUSE matters more than their ACTIONS. As long as they SAY what is right, they can do what is wrong. And that is hypocrisy at it’s finest. And they are guilty of it.


The Recount

Jill Stein, the green party candidate who only received 1% of the vote, asked for recount in several states that Trump had won. Hillary and her campaign joined Stein’s effort to have a recount even though Hillary had conceded the election. Hypocrisy. Hillary has always been and always will be a crooked, evil liar. This whole election was proof of this.

I truly believe God had His hand in this election all along. With a Trump victory, he has given us mercy. We as a country deserved Hillary Clinton. We have fallen so far from God and His Word. Morality and values are the minority in the United States overshadowed by self-righteousness and foolishness. But God is graceful and I hope Donald Trump and his cabinet make this country prosperous again. And Make it Great Again. Through Jesus Christ.


God Bless everyone!